Recent work



Front end development of new Sonatype website, using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/Refinery CMS


GRC - Governance/Risk/Compliance

Development of Reciprocity Governance/Risk/Compliance Management application, using HAML/SCSS, continuing up to date.

ING Mobile

Development of mobile version of ING portal


Front end development of new Pentair portal, using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery with support of Twitter Bootstrap

ING Responsive

Front end development of ING's intranet portal, using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery with support of Twitter Bootstrap


Front-end development of new website features, through partnership with Reciprocity. In second part of project later in 2012, we replaced existing custom-made grid system with Twitter Bootstrap. Collaboration is still active.

Responsive Web Design

Started supporting responsive design, through implementations of Twitter Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation grid systems.

Kaiser Permanente

Web design and front-end development of Kaiser Permanente intranet portal, through partnership with Hinttech.


New team member working on Essent

Aleksandar joined Array Studio as a full-time front-end support for Essent project, product of partnership with Hinttech.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Through partnership with Hinttech, we developed multiple Tridion-Ready front-end implementations for many BMS brands and supporting websites.

Reciprocity App

2nd phase of Reciprocity team engagement app project development. UI design of new features, and HTML/CSS code cleanup, using SASS.

ING re-coded

HTML5/CSS3/jQuery recoding of ING portal, after extensive code review.


We started using SASS/Compass/LESS on all projects. What a relief.

Stop supporting IE6

Dropped support for IE6. Bye, bye.


Front end development of 3rd party design for one of the biggest charity organizations in the world.



Ognjen (Keen Research) and Predrag met in Novi Sad, which lead to successful partnership for many years. First project was Aphasia Corner, with full accessibility features for people who survived a stroke. HTML5 based application which should help affected people to learn to speak again.


Switched from XHTML to HTML5


Agile-based front-end development of new features with XHTML/CSS/jQuery

Reciprocity App

Team engagement app, from brainstorming, wireframes, comps, to full-scale front-end development


Ken Lynch flew to Serbia to lay foundation for team engagement app for his own startup company.


s'Herren Loo

Front-end development for nonprofit for children with special needs. Full-scope redesign of the portal and intranet

New team member

Vladan joined our team as a junior front-end engineer. After 4 years, he went a long way from these first days.

New team member

Biljana joined Array Studio as Print Designer


Started using jQuery instead of YUI framework

Predrag Tomčanji left company

Predrag Tomcanji left the company.

Foster Web Marketing

More than 30+ website designs for custom made CMS specially designed for Law Firms


Foster Web Marketing

Foster Web Marketing become our regular client in Newsletter and Book Covers design. It is ongoing partnership ever since.

Slobodan Kovačević left company

Slobodan decided to sell his share in Array Studio and start his own company - Orange Iceberg. Fortunately, Slobodan remained close friend of ours ever since, and we collaborate together on many projects.


Full front end development for portal. XHTML1, CSS, YUI Javascript framework.


Long-lasting partnership with Hinttech started, which have opened many doors to us on Dutch and USA markets.


Formax Store

One of first online stores with credit card processing in Serbia launched, fully designed and developed by Array Studio. Store is still active and looking fresh, which make us really proud.

Ruby on Rails

Slobodan leaned the team towards Ruby on Rails (leaving PHP work to Jelena)


New Front-End member

Predrag Tomcanji joined Array Studio


Company registered

Array Studio company was founded! Business was blooming (well, with occasional ups and downs) both on domestic and foreign market.

Print Design

Started long lasting collaboration in print design with Paul Partridge, which is still active. From newspaper adds, brochures, postcards, CD covers, newsletters...


Techniques Growth

We did everything we could place our hands on, using PHP, XHTML, CSS and Javascript/AJAX. Team had 12 members at one point



Moved from HTML4 and tables to explore XHTML1.1

More and more clients

Client's database grew every day, we did more and more projects. Team was increased to 5-6 people


First client

After a strugle to find some steady work, both of us worked for New Year's eve 2003, trying to implement 3rd party design into X-CART shopping cart. We earned out first elance recommendation and five stars.

First office

Freelance office founded in Basti's appartment in Novi Sad, Serbia.



Idea is born in Banja Luka, Bosnia. Array Studio is found as a group of freelancers.